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New models of Renson Loggia sliding panels


Loggia sliding panels are the ideal accessory to give your terrace covering a personal touch. They don’t only ensure protection on the terrace against wind and sun, but being equipped with tiltable blades they also create additional privacy. A number of new Loggia sliding panel models will provide a suitable design for almost any style and every setting.

Clean-cut and transparent : Loggialu Plano

This new alternative to the existing Loggia sliding panels is equipped with rectangular, horizontal aluminium blades. These sliding panels also have a distinctive, more streamlined design and easier look-through capability, whereas, because of the position and depth of the flat rectangular blades, they score just as well in terms of sun protection as their counterparts with slanted blades.

Skilful and personal : Loggiascreen Canvas

Good news for those seeking a combination of sun protection fabric with sliding panels under their terrace covering. Finished with a screen, the aluminium frame of the Loggiascreen Canvas is barely visible. The result is a clean-cut and minimalistic ‘screen fabric’, which can also be customized not only in terms of screen type, but can also be printed as required.

Dreamy and oriental : Loggialu Stirata 

The new Stirata model of the Loggia sliding panels make you dream away and indulge  in an oriental atmosphere instantly, while there is shade everywhere that you want it. The infill in expanded aluminium plate of these Loggia sliding panels is available in various models and gives your terrace covering an oriental or industrial look. You have the option of all possible RAL colours and can even choose different colours for the frame and infill.


Natural and romantic : Loggiawood Linea

In combination with the vertical rectangular cedar wooden blades, this model of the Loggia panels has a warm and sophisticated look. For lovers of a Mediterranean style, these are the ideal sliding panels for providing additional shade and simultaneously enjoying one’s privacy. Looking at the panels at an angle, there is no look-through capability, whereas one can still look through when standing directly in front of them.

Warm and comfortable : Loggialu Wooddesign

The warm look of sliding panels with wooden blades is now also available in a durable aluminium model. It is comfortable, because it barely requires any maintenance and there’s no chance of ageing, whereas you still enjoy the natural look of wooden blades in any case. The blades are available in 3 different wood prints in white oak, natural oak or walnut.

 RENSON’s Algarve patio structure has been chosen as Architectural RECORD PRODUCT in the category Outdoor & Recreational


RECORD PRODUCTS, the prestigious annual competition of Architectural Record, drew more than 500 entries ranging from building materials to finishes and furnishings. The most innovative and useful building products of the year are chosen by a panel of architects. The products are judged on rating different criteria—from innovation to aesthetics and usefulness. The modularity and the design of the Algarve convinced the jury to select this product in the category Outdoor & Recreational.

The Algarve is a roof system with extruded-aluminum blades that rotate up to 150º to control the amount of sunlight or ventilation; in closed position, they can shut out rain, funneling the water out via a gutter system. It is offered as a freestanding shelter with four corner posts, or integrated into existing structures.