Camargue Skye

renson skye pergola
renson skye pergola

Retractable louvered roof

The roof consists of roof blades that can be rotated to control sun protection and ventilation. It can also slide open to provide the maximum amount of sunlight and an uninterrupted view. When closed, the roof is perfectly flat and there is minimum play between the blades.


Skye can be constructed in different ways: free standing, attached to an outer wall, or connected on the Pivot side. Integrated windproof Fixscreens, sliding glass walls, and Loggia sliding panels provide endless personalisation choices. Extra ambience and comfort are created by direct or indirect LED lighting.

S-Drive Technology

The patented S-Drive Technology guarantees a durable, dependable rotating and sliding technology. This ensures the roof opens in one smooth motion.

Infinite Customisation – Endless personalisation options are possible by adding side elements. These provide additional protection and an aesthetically beautiful finish.

Side Elements Available

loggia door panels camargue

Loggia sliding panels

pergola curtains

Outdoor curtains

Renson Fizscreen

Windtight screens – Fixscreen

renson linius wall

Linius wall

pergola glass doors

Glass sliding panels

Available options

renson camargue pergola

LED Lighting