renson linarte wall cladding
renson linarte

Linarte – Vertical Siding

  • Durable and maintenance-friendly aluminum cladding
  • Sleek vertical lines
  • Creative addition to your facade with various integration options
  • Patented clip system accommodates expansion

The Linarte vertical siding has a stylish design that gives a unique interplay of lines on and in your home. This siding is made from aluminum and offers you endless possibilities. In addition to the walls, it is also perfectly possible to finish your garage door or front door with this designer siding , so that it seamlessly blends in with the facade. You can even continue the elements under your pergola or into your interior for an attractive and uniform overall look. This durable and colorfast siding is also very easy to maintain.

Linarte siding consists of individual aluminum profiles. They are mounted onto horizontal supports with clips, which eliminates the chance of distortion due to thermal expansion. You can endlessly combine the three different Linarte profiles for a unique facade. There are numerous colors to choose from. You can also fully personalize your vertical siding with wooden strips or garden lights embedded in the wall.