Renson Outdoors

Belgium based Renson motorized aluminum pergolas offer sun protection and ventilation on the hottest of days and with the touch of a button will provide you with a waterproof roof and wind and insect proof side coverings when an enclosed space is desired. The sun protective roofs consist of motorized blades that can be adjusted so that you never receive more sun and UV rays than desired. Windproof side screens can drop down to completely enclose your outdoor space creating a stylish oasis against the elements.


This stylish terrace covering with a flat sun – and waterproof roof turns your terrace into a pleasant outdoor space.


Protect yourself against the sun, rain, wind or cold and enjoy!

Algarve roof

A stylish and functional solution to integrate in your architecture.

Camargue Skye

A stylish Camargue with roof blades that can be rotated to control sun protection and ventilation. It can also slide open to provide the maximum amount of sunlight and an uninterrupted view. When closed, the roof is perfectly flat and there is minimum play between the blades.


With this comfortable terrace covering, you have your own integrated windproof, waterproof but transparent sun protection above your head.


Efficient external solar shading for corner windows. The Panovista has no visibly unpleasant aluminium profiles or cables in the corner, which means you don’t have to sacrifice your view.